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Enhance your after-sales experience with transparent warranty and parts management

Connect with multiple dealers, maintainers and service providers on one easy-to-use platform. Manage warranty claims and servicing, track spare parts inventories and collate actionable insights about your vehicles and parts, helping improve customer satisfaction.
Papaya customer dashboard for vehicle providers

Lacking visibility over your vehicles after they've been sold?

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You struggle to know whether claims fall under warranty and whether the vehicle was maintained to the minimum specifications you set.
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You lack visibility on the performance of your partners and their spare parts usage and find it difficult to communicate easily and transparently with all of them.
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You miss actionable insights on how your vehicles perform over time, how easy they are to maintain and their total cost of ownership.

See the bigger picture with Papaya

Get better visibility and give better value to customers

Let your customers access their own portal so they can  gather fleet learnings, track vehicles in real-time and see what a great job you’re doing! But the benefits aren’t just for customers. You’ll have all your communications and SLAs in one place, making managing operations more efficient.

Smooth out processes to boost vehicle uptime

Yearning for effortless communication with customers and maintenance teams? Wish you could reduce escalation, admin and operation time? You can with Papaya’s 3-way ticketing. Directly receive and assign tickets; effectively manage your operations and inventory; and automate processes with scheduled maintenance.  All on one platform!

Get insights to improve your efficiency

Finding ways to improve your services and margin is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just use Papaya. With our software, you can see the performance of your vehicles by customer, region and country; assess how quickly you resolve issues; track maintenance costs; and communicate easily with your customers about how things are going.

Find new customers and market opportunities

Want to boost your revenue by landing new clients? List your services on our marketplace! Stand out against competitors and help keen customers find you, fast.  Ready to grow your business by partnering with service providers in new markets? Search for suitable partners to fill the gaps in your current business offering.

Papaya supercharges efficiency at all levels

Maximize fleet performance by streamlining and automating operations through a single software, connecting stakeholders and tracking all your vehicles more effectively.
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Warranty management just got easier. Use our tool to get a complete history of each vehicle through digital logbooks. Easily identify repairs that are under warranty, manage maintenance schedule and inventory levels, and oversee the whole after-sales experience.
After-sales teams
maintenance provider or mechanic
Track the performance of your vehicles and all of its components. Use our tool to track parts’ damage rates and frequency, as well as their overall performance. Easily report issues to multiple suppliers, and manage warranty claims as well as your spare parts inventory.
Procurement teams
customer of a vehicle provider or vaas
Get oversight of everything to help improve, well, everything! Use data to track performance and improve services, from manufacturing to maintaining, track relationships with partners and customers, and drive more accountability, transparency and profit across the business.
Operations teams

Tools to help you keep track of it all

Papaya ecosystem for vehicle providers and vaas

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