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Fleet maintenance made easy

Whether you handle maintenance yourself or you outsource, automate all your processes with our no-nonsense issue tracking and ticketing system.
Papaya vehicle maintenance platform
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Save time on admin

Easily manage all your maintenance processes and outcomes through a single platform. That means everyone can see what’s happening and who’s responsible for what at all times. And it makes talking to all your stakeholders simple, too.

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Control your costs

Get total visibility over fleet and vehicle health,  maintenance processes and costs. Use that oversight to help you plan for possible vehicle downtime and to pinpoint ways to boost efficiency. The result? More profit in your pocket.

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Keep track of performance

Record how well your mechanics are doing and your entire maintenance history on a single platform. Get granular insights about your vehicles, hubs and overall performance so you can make any necessary changes fast.

Papaya mechanic app and tickets
Mechanic app

Fleet maintenance made easy

Relax knowing our app is tailored to the daily workflows of a mechanic.
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Browse, filter, update and track tickets
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Assign jobs to the right mechanics
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Communicate easily with other internal and external stakeholders so everyone’s in the know

Get damages fixed, fast

A straightforward workflow combined with 2 and 3-way ticketing means issues can be flagged instantly and everyone understands their role in getting things fixed.
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Report damaged, lost or stolen vehicles
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Move vehicles to a different location
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Track tickets' progress. Build a thorough record for all vehicles to get insights on where and how to improve
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Gain full visibility of all tickets and filter them by status, priority, assignment and type
Papaya ticketing system
Papaya scheduled maintenance
Scheduled maintenance

Move from reactive to proactive

Plan ahead by mapping and managing scheduled maintenance on a single, integrated calendar. This helps to:
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Save time by automating the booking of future MOTs and recurring maintenance services
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Reduce the overall downtime of your fleet by anticipating maintenance work
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Make sure vehicles comply with safety regulations through regular maintenance
Parts management & work orders

Keep track of all things maintenance

Finally, an easy way to monitor all your parts and work orders on a single system. With Papaya, you can:
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Track your parts inventory so you know what you need for each and every vehicle type
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Let mechanics link parts to specific vehicles, their ID info and any sourcing or fitting costs so you can budget effectively
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Log the details of a repair job like parts fixed and replaced, labour time and mileage
Papaya work orders and parts management

Fleet maintenance minus the frustration