Do you know how much CO2 and money you could save by switching your fleet to electric?
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Monitor the environmental impact of your fleet

Whether you operate a fully electric fleet, have a few electric vehicles, or none at all, Papaya provides you with the insights necessary to understand your environmental impact.
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Confused about your fleet emissions?

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You want to understand your fleet's total emissions, but find it challenging to gather accurate data about the emissions of your vehicles.
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You want to compare the impact of different vehicles or hubs and identify any discrepancies, but lack apple-to-apple comparison data.
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You want to improve your fleet's impact, but finding the right electric vehicle and comparing different fleet configurations is impossible with current tools.

Papaya is here to help...

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Get notified of your emission progress

Analyse your fleet's total emissions and track their week-on-week changes. Whether your fleet is fully electric or not, you'll receive notifications for sudden increases or decreases in emissions based on your actual mileage data.

Get granular insights about your fleet emissions

Access your own CO2 emission dashboard, utilising real-time mileage data. It features key emission metrics and graphics to monitor both your fleet and vehicle emissions, along with emission savings. You can filter the data by hub and dates, offering you the insights you need to truly understand your fleet's impact.
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Papaya mechanic app and tickets

Generate scenarios to inform your fleet electrification plans

Visualise electrification scenarios, environmental impact, and associated costs for your fleet in one simple tool, with our free emissions calculator. Understand how transitioning to electric vehicles could help reduce your fleet emissions.

Fleet electrification made simple