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Maintenance providers

Communicate easily and focus on what you do best: fixing

How? By directly connecting and interacting with all your customers, and managing your operations more efficiently, all on one easy-to-use platform. The result? More accountability and transparency, happier customers, and better-performing teams overall.
Papaya dashboard for maintenance providers

Is inefficiency impacting customer happiness?

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You're slowed down using multiple tools that don’t offer what you need and make customer comms needlessly complex.
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You don’t have an overview of performance so you can’t prioritise or allocate the most important tasks.
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You find managing SLAs complex and sometimes lose track of different customer expectations.

Get efficient, fast, with Papaya

Simplify your communications and Increase your service offering

Imagine if you could get all your communications and SLAs on a single platform? With Papaya, you can! Give your customers access to a complete fleet portal so you can chat to and manage them easily. Think total oversight on what’s happening their side, as well as yours.

Make processes run smoothly to improve SLA performance

On our platform, you can get tickets directly from your customers, assign mechanics, schedule maintenance, and manage your inventory. But the benefits don’t end there! Use Papaya to make sure everyone knows who’s responsible for what, and to report on what’s been done.

Get insights and improve your margin

Wish you could understand your overall performance better? Papaya can make that happen. Our software lets you track how quickly jobs are being resolved, and all your maintenance costs. You can also compare how you’re performing for all your customers across different regions, showing you where and how to improve your services, revenues and margin.

Find new customers and market opportunities

Want to boost your revenue by landing new clients? List your services on our marketplace! Stand out against competitors and help keen customers find you, fast.  Ready to grow your business by partnering with service providers in new markets? Search for suitable partners to fill the gaps in your current business offering.

Papaya supercharges efficiency at all levels

Our software leads to better decision-making across all levels of your organisation, from riders through to management teams.
Spend more time on what matters. Use data to improve your performance, services and margin, stay on top of your customers and SLAs and set clear responsibilities within your teams.
Management team
Reduce time spent on admin by using one simple workflow to check-in with your customers, understand issues, track your teams' progress and prioritise your work efficiently.
Get full oversight and control of the maintenance process from ticket creation to completion. Track progress in real time and easily check-in with the assigned mechanic.
Fleets and riders

Things run smoothly with our top tools

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