Our vision is to become the largest ecosystem of sustainable vehicles in the world.

Enable the electrification of fleets

We want to assist in reducing emissions by enabling fleets to move towards an electric and sustainable future. Having worked with fleet operators for years, we have witnessed the challenges in moving to an electric fleet first-hand.

Be the leading operating system for commercial EVs & LEVs

Our product provides tools to fleet operators and their service providers to make this transition seamless.

We create market efficiencies by automating interactions between fleet operators and their service providers, and offer a one-stop platform to track and manage fleets effectively.

Our mission is to enable the electrification of commercial fleets in Europe by connecting fleet operators and service providers in one platform.

Our partners

Santi Ureta

Has worked for 7+ years in logistics/last mile tech companies. Previously, set up a sustainable fleet at Dija (acquired by GoPuff). Felt the pain of running an electric fleet himself, and is now committed to assisting companies in transitioning towards electric fleets. Ironically, doesn’t like the taste of Papaya’s.


Renato Serra

Worked as a Lead Backend Engineer for Deliveroo. But always had an interest in building things - built own pet health tracker app on iOS and Android. Loves EVs and uses an electric skateboard to cruise around London!


Ton Badal

Working with data has been Ton’s passion for a while. An MSc in AI, he worked as a Data Scientist in a challenger bank and then became an early employee at Synthesized. If you’re looking for him outside work, you may find him running around Hampstead Heath or listening to live music somewhere in London

Alexia Auersperg-Breunner

Alexia Auersperg-Breunner

Alexia has spent the last 2 years immersed in the Quick Commerce space working as an early employee at Weezy (acquired by Getir) managing teams in Supply Chain and Operational Performance. She is a big believer in the journey towards electrification and is already obsessed with riding her LEV everywhere she goes (mostly to locations she'll find some great food)

Alexia Auersperg-Breunner

Jonathan Davies

Jonathan spent the last 6 years building a successful digital product consultancy that worked across a range of industries, including telecoms, proptech, and the metaverse. Now, he is focused on product engineering at Papaya. In his free time, he enjoys staying active on the bike, both in the real world and on Zwift. He is also an avid fan of Formula 1.

Alexia Auersperg-Breunner

Guilherme Guerreiro

Guilherme is a rockstar Frontend Developer who also knows his way around a guitar and a climbing route. With a background in Full Stack and Security Software development, there’s no challenge too big for this tech-savvy adventurer. Whether he’s coding up a storm or reaching new heights on the rock, Guilherme is always ready for a new challenge and eager to learn and grow.

Alexia Auersperg-Breunner

Daniel Pincus

After a BA in Philosophy, Daniel worked at Dija (acquired by Gopuff) as a Product Manager in their operations tech division. A simple man of simple tastes, Daniel likes to ride his bike and eat too much of his brother’s food - often in that order.

Alexia Auersperg-Breunner

Rowland Fong Lip

Has over 25 years of experience as a software engineer and engineering manager; with the last 10 years working in startups and scaleups, most recently Deliveroo and Thriva, and now Papaya. In his free time he paints, runs and plays golf.

Alexia Auersperg-Breunner Alexia Auersperg-Breunner

Leanne Murray

Being a people person, Leanne has always worked in Customer success and People/talent positions, in both Australia and the UK; most recently leading a team of seven. Outside of the office you can find her exploring new London restaurants with friends or something a little more exotic overseas!


Zilvinas Kupcinskas

With an interest in web and app development since his teens, Zil has both developed his own applications and worked in the creative industry, his latest adventure being a developer at an online artist workshop startup. Outside of work, he likes playing guitar and video games or planning his future travels.

Alexia Auersperg-Breunner deliveroo

Andre Barriga

Andre spent his last 3 years working at Talkdesk, mostly as a backend engineer, although he considers himself a full-stack engineer, ready to face any challenge! He likes to run at least 3 times a week and he hopes to run in some of the best world marathons. Also, he knows how messed up the environment is, one the reasons why he joined Papaya!

Alexia Auersperg-Breunner deliveroo

Eve Jones

Eve started her career at an Insurtech startup as the second design hire. She was excited for the chance to take the lead on the design at Papaya as she loves the energy of a fast-paced startup environment. Outside of work, you'll find her enjoying countryside walks, painting, traveling, and exploring new food spots!

Alexia Auersperg-Breunner deliveroo

Mike Lamb

Mike has spent the last decade working in customer-facing roles for companies that are looking to change the world. From office place culture to connected devices monitoring methane emissions. He is now looking to directly affect the final mile delivery sector for the betterment of the environment. Outside of work, you will find him watching rugby, playing board games, and sampling the microbreweries of England.

Alexia Auersperg-Breunner deliveroo

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