Do you know how much CO2 and money you could save by switching your fleet to electric?
Discover it now!

The collaboration platform that keeps vehicles on the road

With Papaya, you work hand in hand with all your partners. Experience seamless communication, automate workflows, collect real-time insights, and source vehicles and service providers on a single, easy-to-use platform. The result? Increased vehicle uptime and improved services all round.

Want to be like the industry leaders? Use Papaya

As we are in charge of our customers’ fleets, we need to know about the health of each vehicle, and be assured that we have the spare parts to service broken-down vehicles. With tickets, everyone can see the progress of the repairs and contact third-party maintenance workers through Papaya. Papaya streamlines information flows and reduces our blind spots.

Stefan Räth

U-Mobility Project Lead at

Papaya enhances the value we bring to our customers. We can now offer a comprehensive 360º solution, where customers can directly manage their acquired fleet, within a single platform.

David Granados

B2B Sales Lead at

We love the visibility Papaya offers. It empowers us to efficiently manage our customers' fleets in real-time while monitoring our internal KPIs.

Karolis Glebus

Head of rentals at

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Power up your operations with Papaya

Communication and management tools plus a handy marketplace, too.
Vehicle providers

Manage customers’ fleets more efficiently to strengthen your service

Imagine this: connecting with multiple customers and service providers on a single platform all while watching your vehicles’ every move. With Papaya, you can. Oh and you can plan maintenance easily and automate workflows, too.
Papaya fleet vehicle management software for vehicle providers
Fleet operators

Take total control of your fleet to maximise uptime

Keep your fleet on the road by managing all your operations from one place. Communicate with stakeholders easily, track all your vehicles and any issues, and gather insights to make necessary improvements, fast.
Maintenance providers

Smooth out processes to improve customer experience

Spend less time on admin and more time delivering your best to clients. How? By managing all your operations, customers and SLAs on a single platform. Think improved communications and total visibility for all.
Papaya vehicle management software and marketplace for fleets
Vehicle availability

No more running out of vehicle supply. On average, vehicles are at our customers’ disposal 30% more of the time.

Manual operations

Use our platform to simplify manual tasks, giving you half your time back. That means you can have that coffee and cake break, guilt-free.

Better fleet management

Yes, you read that right - 98% of our customers improved their fleet management processes with Papaya. What are you waiting for?

You struggle to:
Communicate with your stakeholders as they all use different, unconnected tools
Save time on manual processes because they’re too complex
See who’s responsible for what, or what’s happening at every stage of your operation
Make informed decisions about your fleet because you lack data insights
Now you can:
Manage all your vehicles and stakeholders on one single platform
Automate all your processes to save time and make things simpler
See who’s responsible for what and trace each fleet interaction
Get rich insights to make better informed decisions

Have we sparked your interest?

Software worth switching for

With Papaya, you get...
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All-in-one platform
Manage all your operations in one place, from sourcing through to maintaining your fleet.
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System interoperability
Add all your vehicles and service providers onto the same system with ease.
speech bubble icon
Easy communication
Connect with all your stakeholders, internal and external, no matter where they are.
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Sustainable focus
Get software made with sustainability in mind which supports fleet electrification and makes it easier, too.
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Intuitive tech
Relax knowing our tech is straightforward from the get-go, especially with free onboarding.

Don't just take our word for it...

Papaya has earned recognition from leading organizations as a frontrunner in fleet electrification platforms.
Logo of the European StartUp Prize for MobilityMicromobility startup award

Join the electric revolution