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How we boosted Vok Bikes' vehicle availability by 30%

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Vehicles managed through Papaya


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So, where did it all begin?

It all began in July 2022. We helped Vok to centralise their operations across locations, service providers and stakeholders.

They use Papaya Service Provider vehicle management portal and they love the CRM, 3-way ticketing, parts management and work orders, insights, and teams and role allocations.

Since implementing Papaya and its customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Vok Bikes gained unparalleled visibility of their deployed vehicles and overall performance, improving vehicle availability by 30% as well as their operations. The CRM enabled the team to centralise their information and communication channels while improving transparency with their customers and improving their services

The company

In a rapidly expanding last-mile and on-demand delivery market, the right solutions are not always easily available for fleet managers to efficiently address customers’ expectations while aligning with their business objectives.

Vok aims at changing this. As a Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS) company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, with operations spanning across key cities such as London, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Geneva, and Kiel; Vok offers different types of solutions for the last-mile delivery market.

Having realised how necessary yet insufficient current micro-mobility solutions are, Vok’s founders set out to enhance urban logistics by building electric cargo bikes that address the fundamental challenges faced in the industry.

On top of full purchase options, Vok also offers full-service rental solutions, requiring Vok teams to engage and interact with multiple stakeholders across different locations, especially regarding maintenance and repair of the vehicles. With a fleet of more than 100 vehicles spread across different countries, managing day-to-day operations quickly became complex and time-consuming.

There are a couple of features that made a big difference for us as they helped improve our performance and grow our business effectively and sustainably. Papaya saves us time and allows us to be more aware of how our customers’ fleets and vehicles are really performing

Karolis Glebus

Head of Rentals at Vok Bikes

The challenge

Manual processes limiting insights

Historically, Vok Bikes’ team used very manual processes. Excel and phone calls were the way things got done, creating multiple challenges:

  • Time-consuming processes

  • More room for error

  • More siloes as information was more difficult to share in real-time

  • Limited number of insights available

  • Difficulty to scale due to difficulties to automate

When thinking about implementing a new tool like Papaya, Vok Bikes’ key objectives were:

1. To automate their processes as much as possible, especially ticket management, as well as the generation of monthly reports.

2. To calculate the cost of maintenance, for both them and their fleets. For Vok Bikes, it was essential to understand their vehicles’ usage/cost ratio, not only for their customers’ benefit but also to optimise their pricing strategy. Understanding differences between locations was also crucial to optimise their operations and understand the overall costs per location.

3. To create a feedback loop of issues and reporting and gain richer insights about their vehicles and fleets (what breaks the most, how often it breaks, where…)

The solution

Managing multiple customers and increasing customer satisfaction

Papaya's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool enables Vok Bikes to manage 22 of their customers more effectively and scale while improving the quality of their services. The CRM centralises all information and communication channels into one single platform, driving more transparency, better outcomes for customers, and stronger relationships and communication between all stakeholders. The customer portal also enables Vok Bikes to provide full visibility to customers on their fleets' health, improving overall customer satisfaction.

Altogether, our vehicle availability has increased by 30% and is now consistently around 90%, I’m sure we’re moving in the right direction and Papaya enables this movement!

Karolis Glebus

Head of Rentals at Vok Bikes

The result

Karolis Glebus, Head of Rentals at Vok Bikes, experienced first-hand the multiple benefits of using Papaya across customers’ fleets.

He stated “There are a couple of features that made a big difference for us as they helped improve our performance and grow our business effectively and sustainably. Papaya saves us time and allows us to be more aware of how our customers’ fleets and vehicles are really performing”.

The main benefits Vok Bikes experienced were:

Increased visibility

As a supplier, Vok Bikes has customers in numerous countries/cities/hubs. Papaya enables the team to track and manage, in real-time, the status of all deployed vehicles across all customer fleets, wherever they are.

Streamlined processes with three-way ticketing

Their customers’ service providers can use the same features to track and update the status of vehicles, without Vok’s interference. If additional support is needed, Vok Bikes’s team can easily step in and take over complicated tickets without complicating the overall process.

Simplified work orders and parts management

Papaya’s user-friendly workflows make it easy for Vok Bikes’s mechanics to report the work they did and/or the parts they changed in order to resolve a ticket.

Advanced insights

The data collected by Papaya helps Vok Bikes consistently track their own internal KPIs such as vehicle availability, ticket resolution time, parts and costs, among others.

Improved communication

Overall visibility is great, however, it can be overwhelming for local teams. With Papaya, Vok can limit the amount of data available by assigning users to different roles and teams, helping them focus on what's really relevant to them.

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