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How Papaya became the ‘single source of truth’ for 325+ of Mubea’s vehicles

Not only that but they now have...

325 +

Vehicles managed
through Papaya


Connected partners on Papaya


hours of potential downtime saved every week


single source of truth

About Mubea

Mubea is a global market leader in the development and manufacture of components for the chassis, car body, and engine. With their new products, materials, and production technologies for lightweight construction applications, they offer their customers innovative solutions for weight optimized vehicles.

On average, every car in the world features a component made by Mubea. The manufacturing giant employs 17,000 people across 54 sites in 15 countries and has an annual turnover of roughly €3bn.

Mubea U-Mobility, stands for innovative, sustainable and, above all, customer-centric mobility solutions for urban micro-mobility and logistics applications. With innovative energy, functionality, comfort and aesthetics, Mubea U-mobility wants to excite people about e-mobility and by that make a valuable contribution to more sustainable and affordable mobility. In June 2023, Mubea acquired citkar, a cargo bike manufacturing firm.

Mubea’s Mission

Mubea significantly contributes to the success of sustainable mobility with its core competence: the development and production of best-in-class lightweight solutions. In addition to the auto industry, they want to successfully establish their core know-how especially in micro-mobility. In this context they will be climate neutral with all of their activities by 2035.

Mubea has applied its automotive know-how to last-mile logistics by manufacturing three models of cargo bike – the PACK, WORK and PICK-UP.

Operating several fleets and providing sustainable logistics solutions for numerous businesses, it now has more than 500 vehicles on the road in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. To support the running and maintenance of these cargo bike fleets, Mubea has partnered with Papaya, a vehicle management system, marketplace and ecosystem for last-mile sustainable delivery partners.

We made it clear with our partners from the start that we wanted an independent tool that can connect all stakeholders. We have seen service providers come and go and if you just rely on their tool and they go out of business then you’re left with nothing.

Stefan Räth

U-Mobility Project Lead at Mubea

The problem

Managing Multiple Fleets, Vehicles and Stakeholders

Managing multiple fleets of up to 25 vehicles inevitably leads to issues such as flat tyres or broken mirrors. It require many partners and call for an exorbitant amount of communication, reports, and services to manage. Historically, Mubea’s team used very manual processes. Excel and Whatsapp were the way things got done, creating multiple challenges:

  • Time-consuming processes
  • Information going missing
  • More siloes as information was more difficult to share in real-time
  • Limited number of insights available
  • Difficulty to scale due to difficulties to automate

As we are in charge of our customers’ fleets we need to know about the health of each vehicle, be assured that we have the spare parts and can service broken-down vehicles. Once a ticket is opened, everyone with access can see the progress of the repairs and we can contact third-party maintenance workers through Papaya if necessary. Using the Papaya platform streamlines information flows and reduces our blind spots.

Stefan Räth

U-Mobility Project Lead at Mubea

The result: Solving Mubea’s biggest challenge

With Papaya, Mubea is able to sell vehicles to its client, but it can also manage all the communications and interactions with that customer from one central place.

The main benefits Mubea experienced were:

Preventing downtime

Switching over to Papaya has helped save Mubea several hours of potential downtime a week.

Keeping accountability

As a “single source of truth”, it helps build trust among stakeholders as no information goes missing and because everything is documented within one independent tool, the operator cannot suggest there was an issue with bike reliability when a rider has an accident.

Damage management

Papaya helps classify issues and determine whether they require immediate attention or not.

Reducing blind spots

Papaya’s platform information flows as all parties involved can see the progress of repairs and contacting third party maintenance is possible through Papaya.

Fulfilled Feature Requests

Mubea praised Papya’s willingness to quickly implement requested features on the platform.

We are partnered with some major corporations that understand the value of putting in place processes that ease friction in operations and I hope that we can collaborate with Papaya and these other partners to streamline all parts of our operation.

Stefan Räth

U-Mobility Project Lead at Mubea

Looking Down the Road

What is to come with Papaya’s partnership with Mubea?

As both companies look forward to continuing a great partnership, Papaya is excited to be adding new features as Mubea continues to bring on partners to the platform. One of the features Papaya is excited to have in the pipeline is the expansion of IoT functions that would accelerate preventative maintenance, rather than simply following a pre-ordained routine. In the future, the VMS platform will be able to provide more live data from each vehicle in a respective fleet.

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