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How Cooltra implemented Papaya across 84 hubs in 4 months and offered more value to their customers

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About Cooltra

Cooltra is the leading company in sustainable mobility solutions on two wheels in Europe. Born in Barcelona 17 years ago and co-founded by the entrepreneur Timo Buetefisch, it is currently present in 7 European countries (France, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Poland), and has a workforce of close to 400 employees.

Cooltra has a fleet of more than 20,000 vehicles, of which 85% are electric. The company offers sharing services, such as the rental of scooters and electric bicycles by the minute, as well as renting services for both individuals and for companies and public administrations. They are trusted by companies such as Just Eat, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza and Eninter and public institutions such as the Port of Tarragona, Guardia Urbana de Barcelona, town councils, police forces and many more. The company has recently introduced a new line of business: shared public bicycles for municipalities.

In May 2023, Cooltra began implementing Papaya across its operations and for its customers. We spoke with Victor López, B2B Key Account Manager at Cooltra, to learn more about the implementation of Papaya throughout the organization, its impact, and its benefits for both internal and external users.

Before we begin, could you provide an overall assessment of your onboarding experience with Papaya?

The onboarding process was really good, and we are very comfortable working with the team at Papaya. They helped us a lot and were highly involved. They have a deep understanding of the complexity of our business, operations, and systems, which involve numerous people across multiple hubs. We feel really good about working with Papaya.

Victor López

B2B Key Account Manager at Cooltra

What were Cooltra’s main objectives?

Ticketing and meeting the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) agreed with key customers

In early 2023, we were looking for a ticketing solution that would provide us with a clear overview of our fleet’s performance as well as real-time insights and easy communication flows to manage them more effectively.

As part of the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) we have agreed with some of our customers, we need to guarantee them a certain level of vehicle availability. For example, with Just Eat, one of our key customers, the vehicle availability must be above 90% at all times. However, tracking this metric accurately was challenging with our previous system, which relied on a massive spreadsheet shared across multiple users.

We were highly impressed with Papaya. It quickly emerged as an ideal solution to serve as our trusted, reliable and neutral source of truth. This applies not only to us but also to our customers, such as Just Eat. We can access it whenever needed. Its user-friendly interface and flexibility make it compatible with various vehicles and systems, seamlessly integrating into our existing processes.

We started implementing Papaya in June 2023. Since then, we onboarded more than 1600 vehicles and 53 users on the platform, raised more than 2000 tickets across 84 customer hubs, located in 4 countries. It also helped us improve our product offer to 18 of our customer fleets by giving them access to their own fleet management dashboard.

What were the main challenges during the implementation?

From the beginning, together with the team at Papaya we had highlighted 3 main challenges that needed to be considered during the implementation of the software:

  • Cooltra is a complex organisation. Papaya had to be rolled out to multiple internal and external users and to fit with different ways of working.

  • Some of our customers, such as Just Eat, have fleets and vehicles spread across 10+ hubs across a single country. Papaya had to take this complexity into account and make it easier to manage.

  • Papaya had to fit in with our existing internal systems and tools and complement them without adding more complexity.

How did you manage it?

We took a step-by-step approach to avoid overwhelming our internal teams and disrupting operations with our customers too abruptly.

Initially, we implemented Papaya in just 2 hubs and with 2 customers to conduct thorough testing. Before fully implementing Papaya, we had the opportunity to trial the solution for a few months, allowing us to identify and address any issues or make adjustments to our processes.

We also had open communication with Papaya's team to fine-tune our setup. Currently, we are collaborating with the Papaya team to scale the solution and gradually expand it to more customers and hubs.

How was the user onboarding?

Overall, the process went smoothly. We onboarded people progressively, which enabled us to provide more support along the way. Users were generally satisfied and enthusiastic about learning more about the tool and starting to use it. They recognized its value and how it could significantly enhance the quality of their work. In collaboration with the Papaya team, we organised training sessions with the staff to provide a more detailed demonstration of the tool and address any inquiries.

How was the onboarding of your customers?

We have good relationships with most of our clients, so onboarding them was straightforward. They quickly understood the benefits and were eager to start using it more. While we are still in the process of defining processes around Papaya with some clients, overall, they have welcomed the tool warmly.

How were issues managed during the implementation?

Communication has been the key to success. The team at Papaya is very reactive and trustworthy. We shared all our issues with them and they supported us whenever we needed. They helped us integrate Papaya with our other tools and operations.

4 months in, are you happy with Papaya?

Yes! Fully implementing Papaya across all our operations will take a bit more time because our company is complex. But we trust Papaya for accompanying us along the way and we already know that the results will be more than worth it! It already gives us a great competitive advantage on the commercial front.

Victor López

B2B Key Account Manager at Cooltra

What are the main benefits you experienced since using Papaya?

Papaya already makes a difference in how we communicate with our customers. The team at Cooltra gets their own internal digital dashboard, but so do our customers. Each of them can log into their own fleet portal and understand how their fleet is performing in real time and interact with our team. This is very valuable to them!

With Papaya, we can also track our overall performance more effectively and understand how well we deliver on our SLAs.

Offering the Papaya platform as an add-on to our services has been game-changing. It is a real competitive advantage for us on the commercial side. Papaya truly adds more value to our services.

We also already did more than 2000 tickets on the platform so it shows how much we need a single tool to handle all our communications with customers. Papaya can save us valuable time and resources.

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