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A one-stop platform to manage all your interactions with service providers, streamline your operations and enable data-driven decision-making!

How does Papaya work?

Different vehicle types?
Multiple locations?
Not a problem

It doesn’t matter how many vehicle types are in your fleet or where they are located. Our platform is easy to use and caters to all types of organizations.

Easily add team-members from the get-go

Our platform is intuitive, and we ensure seamless onboarding. We will help you every step of the way.

Working across teams?
Use one workflow
to collaborate

Ensure your team is aligned. Assign tickets and discuss issues with team members across locations, all in one place.

Interacting with external service providers will no longer be a hassle

Connect with your service providers seamlessly. We provide one platform for all your interactions - internal and external.

Receive extensive
data insights

View your fleet performance across hubs and service providers, and control the cost of your fleet. Gear-up for informed decision-making!

How does Papaya
make a difference?